HOW TO: Partially quote other users

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    If you wish to reply to a certain part of someone's post; simply highlight the text you wish to quote, then an overlay with + Quote / Reply option will appear.

    [​IMG]Quotes1 by Mini Foo, on Flickr

    Select Quote if you wish to create a post with several parts of the post (or thread, doesn't have to be the same user) quoted. You can highlight several items and the dialogue box will appear each time you release the left button. Once you have selected all the items you wish to quote; click 'Insert Quotes...' at the bottom left hand side of the quick message box and the following dialogue box will appear.

    [​IMG]Quotes2 by Mini Foo, on Flickr

    Delete as appropriate then click 'Quote these messages'

    [​IMG]Quotes3 by Mini Foo, on Flickr

    You can then reply to each quote.

    Select Reply if you just want to post in regards to a single quote.

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